What is Internet Marketing?

What is Internet Marketing?

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Television, newspapers, magazines and newspapers, mail and other traditional marketing tools will be used in the future, but those companies that are ignoring the benefits of using the Internet and direct marketing to this electronic network, will almost certainly lose competitive advantage. Internet marketing allows even small companies that do not belong to large, international business world to be competitive business giants.

The term Internet marketing refers to the use of direct marketing on the Internet. Internet marketing is based on the use of the Internet and related services, but it also includes the integration of the media with traditional media, with the aim to online customers deliver the required products or services.

The use of direct marketing on the Internet is a business concept similar to traditional marketing. However, the benefits offered by direct marketing on the Internet, daily show the power of the application of innovative technology and the electronic network in the business.

Internet marketing is the application of the Internet, digital technologies and ancillary services in order to achieve marketing goals.

online-marketingLooking at the Internet as a communication tool and medium for the distribution of information, we can conclude that this electronic network greatly improve the basic techniques of direct marketing. On the Internet we can find applied traditional techniques of direct marketing: Electronic (direct) mail, Web sites, electronic catalogs, personalized portals, etc. These techniques are, thanks to the digital environment and technology greatly improved.

Online Marketing

The explosive growth of online population that buys goods and services over the Internet resulted in the need to promote traditional techniques of direct marketing that is used in this electronic network, but also to the emergence of new forms of technique. The steady growth of the Internet population has affected the volume of online transactions. Global sales of goods and services via the Internet has been constantly growing, as this electronic network makes the market grow today’s marketers focus their marketing activities on marketing through the Internet.

Internet-MarketingCompanies that implement Internet marketing requires an understanding of the way that offer is structured and presented, but also understanding of traditional techniques (classical marketing). The mentioned activities cannot be carried out computer equipment and software used by the company in its business, and therefore company managers must be familiar with the traditional principles, principles and techniques of direct marketing.

The techniques of direct marketing on the Internet are different from the classic marketing technique because propaganda and advertising of products or services does not have to follow someone else, so called the third party such as radio, television, newspapers and so on. Instead, the seller before opting for direct communication with the customer by direct e-mail, electronic catalogs, online ads, etc…

These facts clearly show that with the application of Internet marketing, the seller can avoid the services of agents who would be able to advertise and promote the product or service agent. Avoiding middlemen in the chain, the seller can significantly reduce the cost of marketing. On the other side his advert will be seen more time than on the classical type of media.

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